Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Race Day

December 6 2014.

This will be the 27th Running of this event.

Online Registration (not available until early July)

Entry Fees

Solo competitor AURA member $40.00 Non AURA $50.00
Relay competitor Adults $25.00 each Junior $20.00 each

Entries will not open until Early July.

For further entry details and more information contact the organizing committee at


Anonymous said...

What happened to leg 32?

Anonymous said...

Whoever measured the 2km legs must have been on the slops Friday night. Some were only 1.4km, whilst leg 19 was 2.9km.

Anonymous said...

I ran solo and yes that was the case re: some legs shorter and some longer . With safety first and the over riding principle I would say the organisers did this for safety reasons. For example some 2km points may have otherwise been on the crest of a hill or a section of road with minimal room for parking etc. I think the organisers did a great job and the run went very smoothly. Well done to all involved. Stuart Hill

Anonymous said...

Where are these results ??????

Anonymous said...

looking Forward to see the OVER 40 results ??????

Anonymous said...

results should be out within 48HRS MAX. sour taste to an otherwise good event.

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